Why Persona Group Was Founded

PERSONA NEUROBEHAVIOR GROUP grew out of the vision of Dr. Pontón to provide high quality services across the life spans and through the cultural barriers of Californians suffering from trauma and brain injuries. From the start, our commitment has been to offer culturally sensitive assessment and treatment services to pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. Our experienced team is uniquely qualified to provide acute and post acute care for a wide range of neurobehavioral, mood, and organic disorders, with the goal of integrating patients back into productive independence.

Since its founding in 1999 Persona Group has provided state-of-the-art services in the fields of clinical and neuropsychology to the ethnically and culturally diverse population of California so that all patients can receive proper treatment.


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Dr. Marcel Pontón - Persona Neurobehavioral Group

Dr. Marcel Pontón

  • Services: Forensic, Neurospychology, Worker’s Comp, Pediatrics

Dr. Teresita Morales - Persona Neurobehavioral Group

Dr. Teresita Morales

  • Services: Psychotherapy, Worker’s Comp

Dr. Lori Williams - Persona Neurobehavioral Group

Dr. Lori Williams

  • Services: Psychotherapy, Worker’s Comp

Dr. Heleya Rad - Persona Neurobehavioral Group

Dr. Heleya Rad

  • Services: Neuropsychology, Forensic, Immigration Evaluations, Pediatric, Geriatric

Sonia Mezquita - Persona Neurobehavioral Group

Dr. Sonia Mezquita

  • Services:
    • Pediatric: Assessment, treatment, behavioral management, parent-child interaction therapy, ADHD, psychoeducational testing
    • Adults: Assessment and treatment (Worker’s Comp)


Persona Neurobehavior Group: Dr. Karly Bastrire, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Karly Bastrire

  • Services: Psychotherapy, Worker’s Compensation Cases, Psychodiagnostic Assessment