A distinctive aspect of our services involves the ability to assess patients cross-culturally when appropriate, using state of the art instruments and procedures. Our clinicians are bilingual and bi-cultural and can communicate with patients in their native language.

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We focus on assessing the impact of trauma (neurological, physical or psychological) on a person’s cognitive and psychological well being. We provide expert evaluations and testimony in the fields of Neuropsychology and Psychology.



Our clinicians can expertly assess and treat developmental, acquired, and psychological disorders of childhood and adolescence. We work with families and schools to help young people achieve their potential.



We provide consultation, comprehensive neuropsychological and psychodiagnostic assessment for children, adults and families who have sustained Traumatic Injury, Psychological Trauma, Major Medical Illness and Chronic Pain.

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Worker’s Comp

Persona clinicians have extensive experience conducting AME, QME, and IME assessments. For the past two decades, our clinicians have provided expert care for patients with severe injuries. Our goal in treatment is to restore individuals to functional reintegration into the labor force.



Older adults sometimes find themselves dealing with medical illness, physical limitations, and/or social loss not encountered earlier in life. Therefore, psychological problems of this age group most often involve depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorders. Sometimes these difficulties develop as a natural reaction to losses or limitations.  We provide evaluation and treatment in order to improve the individual’s quality of life.

Immigration Evaluations

We work to expertly address issues of extreme hardship to the applicant, or to a relative who is a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident alien. Our evaluation can be used to assist you with your applications  (Form I601-A or Form I-601), and our Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation can objectively establish a Medical Certification for Disability Exception (Form N-648) , when a mental disability precludes the person from taking the Citizenship Test.

Todos nuestros servicios está disponibles en Español. Nuestros doctores son bilingües y entienden su situación. Llámenos.

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