Dementia Evaluation

Dementia is defined as a disturbance in memory functioning and one other area of cognition, such as language. There are many types of dementia; such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Dementia and Frontotemporal Demntia.

Our comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation will aid in the diagnosis and treatment of a loved one suffering from dementia. Persona Neurobehaviora Group accepts Medicare and some Managed Care insurance. Please check with your insurance.

Capacity and Undue Influence

As a person ages and their cognitive skills decline, or when a person becomes disabled, the question of their capacity to handle their own finances and affairs competently becomes an issue. Our comprehensive neuropsychological assessment will aid the court and the parties involved, in resolving the questions of capacity and undue influence, by clarifying whether the individual:

  • has the mental competency to make a will;
  • suffers from a mental disorder that has resulted in a significant impairment;
  • is susceptible to undue influence by those around him/her; or
  • needs a conservator.

This is considered a med-legal evaluation, and a retainer is required.

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